inTEG compact enclosures


Conteg is introducing new world-class compact enclosures called inTEG which meet the high requirements for applications in the industrial, electrical engineering and automation fields. The enclosures are ready for the quick installation of internal equipment.

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CoolTeg Plus DXSmall

Conteg listens to its customers’ demands. Most of our clients have IT racks with inside heat loads of only 1 or 3 kW. They, are looking to the market for a solution that fits their needs. We have come up with the perfect solution for them: No imitations, no primitive on-off systems, but a real IT air conditioner with an inverter-driven compressor, EC fans and a high-end control system with user-friendly communication tools via a touch-screen display and remote control. We offer you the new CoolTeg Plus DXSmall “in-row” cooling unit with a variable cooling capacity, ranging from 3 kW to 7 kW per unit. These flexible units are suitable for open architecture as well as for closed IT racks. For more information see our Flysheet or contact our pre-sales team. This new product line, available this July, will provide you with all the advantages of a modern and unique solution from Conteg.

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Conteg is an established manufacturer of IT cabinets and based on our experience can show customers the selected configuration data cabinets for everyday use in conjunction with servers. We have developed iSEVEN SERVER and iSEVEN Flex SERVER to meet the very high user demands of storage servers and IT applications. The main benefits of these solutions are their easy installation and very favorable price-performance ratio. The racks allow for unlimited storage of IT equipment weighing up to 1000 kg. They welded and assembled version that easily utter in utter in inaccessible places.

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outTEG cabinets – solution for outdoor applications

Outdoor cabinets are part of our surroundings; we see them along streets, intersections and tunnels. We can also find them on highways and railways. They have their place in telecommunication applications, too. Our range of outTEG cabinets fully meets the requirements for outdoor use. Both types of our outdoor cabinet line – the single-walled outTEG I and the double-walled outTEG II – protect your installed components against weather conditions as well as vandalism, thanks to a compact design that prevents the removal of parts from the outside.

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New on-line configurator for outTEG

In order to simplify the selection of outdoor cabinets outTEG, we have prepared a new on-line configurator, which will allow you to comfortably select a suitable cabinet including its accessories, that meets all your needs. There is also a visualization feature that allows you to see your configured outdoor cabinet.

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OptiWay and TOP DUCTS

Conteg gives you the unique opportunity to be independent from areas and the room where your servers and communication infrastructure is placed. OptiWay and TOP DUCTS solutions can secure your infrastructure cables directly above the racks, so you don't have to worry about the considering the walls and room ceiling.

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